Friday, May 7, 2010

The epiphany

I saw it, it didn't have to be,
Far and wide beyond the sea,
I saw what I think I saw,
Sprawled across the black and white sea.
As blood rushes to my head,
As vision blurs around the bend,
The mind plays a trick so illusionary,
That the world looks like a stream of red.
Atop the cliff I am and will be,
A tale so baneful behind what I see,
Hollows of my system saddle many such,
Percussion of the elements around me.
I see it, it has to be,
The realm of objectivity cloaks the sea,
The signs are expeditious in my line of vision,
I see what the world has come to be.


trin said...

Beautifully expressed !! Did your trip to Oz inspire this ?

Arjun said...

Beautiful, much. For the first time, I have no words so I will let the silence speak for itself.