Sunday, November 18, 2007

life unplugged!

Have you ever felt that you've been dreaming with your eyes wide open?Have you ever felt that whatever is happening around you at the moment, is just your hallucination....because...maybe it was surreal...or it was too intimidating a time!Life can be welcomes you with arms wide open, and just when you feel life's a walk in the park, with those very hands it closes in your neck, leaving an inch's space for you to begin valuing all that you have. You see glimpses of your life go flash past your eyes. You go back in time and relive every good time you ever had. Procrastination at its peak! You wonder if life had not been so harsh after all, what would you have been doing at that precise moment? Maybe walking down a street, not noticing the honey-sweet smell wafting in from the neareast garden, cursing your boss, feeling envious of the colleague who ended up getting that coveted promotion, feeling like a misanthrope and being grumpy in a nutshell. So when you actually work this out, while happiness seems to be ebbing out of you, you suddenly get a new lease of life. You think of how you never smiled when your friend cracked a lame joke, you think of how you never ate cotton candy on the street because you were too busy worrying about what others would have to say to that! Now life doesn't loosen its clutches so easily, but now you see hope. Life doesn't cease to take you in with bolt from the blues, but now you seek solace in the times when life was kind. And while you're at it, you realise that its times like these that you learn, and grow. Bat your eyelids n POOF the dream is broken...or maybe it never was....
this one's for all those who ignore the sweet little nothings life has to offer....i live by those small, yet significant things.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

About Fever and all that it brings with it...

my first blog...why would i want to write about my Fever and how troubled i am?but i still would...know why?because it would make for an interesting read;)
have you ever noticed the silly tricks nature plays...the day the weather man up there decides that its a fine day to tune the weather and add some chills..that precise are out there..."pullover-less" if there ever was a word! Body immunity system always been a little dysfunctional, but this was just the pits! Even when you do take the pains of going and grabbing a pullover from your abode, you end up falling prey to the fever bug..and How! i cried..yelled..and cried some more...till some nutrition supplements, they call food, was shoved down my oesophagus. And then the most dreaded bit, swallowing that comet-sized TABLET!!!!Like a football kicked down my throat...going bumpety-bump..hitting all the places it shouldn't!Heaven knows, it was a tough night. but i survived:)
now my body temperature has lowered, been healthy as much as to go out and eat pasta....survived to tell the tale..of how the Fever bug leaves me cold(quite literally) and gloomy!as much as i love the rains..they sometimes do dispel all the warmth out of my life and leave me soaked and ill! and guess what..its raining...but i am a rooftop away from it;)