Monday, March 3, 2008

what's this about, again?

Don't understand how i end up pondering over the Yin and the Yan. Last i wrote about it was in high school, not long back from now, is it. This time I have come up with something new. I am not too sure but i've read something about Quantum Physics. The thoughts/ materials that hover around you have a direct relationship with the way you think and all, or more succinctly, what you think. There are the Yin thoughts-the positive ones and there are the Yan thoughts-the negative ones. But what really is my ground-breaking realisation is that there are also neutral thoughts. They do not have any sort of an undertone. I mean how else do you explain my strong urge to keep chanting the word 'bumble bee'. How many ever times I might say it, it does not appease my mind. I guess I just like the way it tickles my mouth. Then I shall cite another instance, as to how I am staring straight ahead, glassy-eyed and suddenly the line from the famous track , "with drops of jupiter in her hair" strikes me. This of all the line, when all there is infront of me is my balding lecturer. Maybe someone around me was humming the track...It couldn't be me, I haven't heard the track for ages now! Maybe our mind does function with cathodes and anodes and some electrolyte in the brain ensures that we attract the opposite/ similar thoughts from around us. The other time I sat imagining as to how would Pochahontas wrestle a couple of yetis to the ground. Beat it, it was an entire sequence i had imagined. Who was thinking about Pochahontas around me?I, for one had not seen Pochahontas since my childhood when I'd seen Pochahontas for the first and the last time. What vibes was my 'ol box catching when my pupils contracted and suddenly all I saw infront was a swarm of colors?
It was a whirl of colors which swarm infront of me till all I saw was an amber glow and then the whitelight shone.
To read for what i discovered thereafter, wait for another day..