Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There are certain things in life you write about, and certain things you don't. Writing is an urge..quite like an urge to it or else.!
So today when I'm finally down to writing what I want to, words escape me. Emotional upheavals do that to you =) But my writing is not going to mirror the undercurrents of my state of mind. Or so I think...
I like deja vus. Sitting huddled on my bed, earphones plugged in, sunlight streaming in(I always look towards sunlight for inspiration, sort of sunflower-ish tendencies)a characteristic writer's-something in the air. Weather's warm and placid, not the nauseating sort of heat. Yes, its clearly not a first.
Lights and sounds define a moment in time for me.. and just like that, I get sucked into a hurricane of memories. Memories so clearly etched out in my head..
*you don't have to put up a fight,
you don't have to always be right.
Let me take some of the punches,
for youuuu....tonight...*
And with goosebumps tingling my skin, all senses chipping in, coupled with pangs of nostalgia..I shut my notebook.
You're right, not all deja vus exude cheer.
And not everything in the world can be written about.