Saturday, February 20, 2010

For the thinker in me

There's a place somewhere,
Far far away,
I do not see it, but I feel it in my bones,
I can picture it vividly,
There is a green and a yellow,
a white and a blue,
and some red too.
I see the colors on the horizon.
For it is nothing but a mesh of all the tones of life.
I wander around,
like a lost traveler in search of an oasis,
I don't know what I look for,
I don't know whats in store,
Yet I walk further,
Into the wild forests that lie ahead.
My spine tingles,
At the prospect of the adventure that lay ahead,
But when I see people walk past me briskly,
Its then that I stop to watch the towering trees brushing against the flamboyant stars.
I rest against a tree only to realise that the journey to the place unexplored had just begun.
There's water and there's fire,
Its inferno right before my eyes,
I can see the amber flame in the eyes of my soul,
As an afterthought, I sit and question its role.
The mist, heavy and dense
Is closing in from all ends,
Like the break of dawn which should have never come.
There are signs of life and there are signs of death,
There are signs of wine and there are signs of bread.
I see a flight of stairs at the end of the ordeal,
I see a lamp flickering at the corner I cannot foresee.
There is this place which I know houses all the dreams,
Its far far away yet not as unreachable as it seems.
I hear footsteps of humanity all around,
Its a pity they seem to be getting fainter.


ankita said...

Its beautiful! :) Really..much more mature than your other stuff! :) said...

Nice read! :)